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Here are 10 Secrets Every Woman Hides From Her Man, Number 1 is True

These are the things ladies do in secret

1. They will look much worse than you when they wake up. It’s a crime of nature that all men seem to look exactly the same in the morning as they do at any other time of the day. Fresh. Women, however, have to contend with last night’s make up and the not-so-great effect it has on our morning faces. You have been warned.

2. How much they have stalked you on Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, before they meet you, they will have exhausted it to find out what they can about you. This also extends to ex-girlfriends as well. They will know what they look like and who their friends are. However, if you ever ask them about this, the strategy is always deny deny deny.

3. They don’t always wear sexy, or even remotely attractive, underwear. They all have more than a few pairs they would rather you didn’t see.

4. How long they take to get ready for a date. It is no secret that women generally take longer to get ready than men, but there are stages in our getting ready process that you probably don’t even realise occur. This process will inevitably get shorter the longer they know and more comfortable they are with you but the facts still remain.

5. Providing they aren’t rude or insulting, we really don’t mind cat calls from construction workers.

6. They are not as clean as you think. Though they would prefer for you to think of them as clean, well put together, ladylike individuals, a messy bedroom with 5 days worth of tea cups inexplicably dispersed around it aren’t an uncommon occurrence. They can sometimes also go days without washing their hair. Deal with it.

7. Even if they are in a completely happy relationship with you, they still find other boys attractive. It will, of course, go no further but they’ve still got eyes haven’t they?

8. They do tell our best friend everything. Ever wondered how much a girl’s friends know about you and your relationship? Well, in actuality, it’s probably a lot. Don’t worry though, this information is not a free for all and is only reserved for the closest friendships.

9. If they are in a relationship with you, they are never 100% happy if you happen to have a female best friend. They would never say anything and they know it’s probably harmless but it’s still not their favourite thing in the world.

10. Just as you have done with their friends, they have fantasied about yours and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they fancied their’s as well.

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