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If your woman does these, she loves you so much

A man asked the wise man, how would I know if my wife loves me?The man replied, when she does 14 things be assured that she loves you.

The man asked, so what are the 14 things?

The wise man answered:

1- If she likes to hear about your demeanour be sure that she loves you.

2- If she didn’t get angry when you contradicted her opinion.

3- If she becomes sad because of your sadness or anger.

4- If she always tries to create topics to make conversation with you.

5- If she always consults you before she makes something or takes a decision.

6- If she gets very happy when you gift her with something even if it’s a very simple gift.

7-if she always tries to help you or even do some of your tasks.

8- If she worries about you in your absence.

9- If she cares to do what pleases you, and never repeats what angers you.

10- If she doesn’t care about how little you earn (money).

11- If she patiently bears the harm which was caused because of you.

12- If she likes to share whatever you like and cares to become a part of your world and your hobbies.

13- She don’t feel shy of whatever you do.

14- She always gives you good news personally, instead of you hearing from a third party.


We ask God Almighty to bless us with true love and to assist us in maintaining it. Amen

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