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Photos of beautiful Nana Ama, who broke Sammy’s heart

Yesterday a young man went viral after his girlfriend Nana Ama broke his heart.

Sammy Tom Brown started trending on social media after a voice he sent to his girlfriend Nana Ama on WhatsApp was leaked online.

In the voice, Sammy was heard crying while begging his estranged girlfriend for forgiveness to come back to him and that he will change.

Sammy was later videotaped on his bed crying while sending a voice note to Nana Ama to forgive him.

Watch the video below…

Following the incident, “Oh Nana Ama” was the new trend as boys begin to mock Sammy Tom Brown, the broken heart victim.

Watch the video below…

Here are some photos of Nana Ama, the young lady who broke Sammy’s heart for cheating on him.

According to Nana Ama, she broke up with Sammy Tom brown because he cheated on her.

Nana Ama and Sammy are currently trending on Twitter.

Funeral posters of Sammy Tom brown also hit the internet after his heartbreaking voice note to his estranged girlfriend Nana Ama got leaked.

Nana Ama should have done better. Credit: celebritybuzz

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