Socialite Rosemond Alade Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Polio, has received a 90-day prison sentence after being found guilty of stripping naked in front of her seven-year-old son.

The judgement was given on Friday, April 16 by an Accra Circuit Court.

The single mother pleaded guilty to all three counts, one of which is showing obscene material to her son in 2020.

She is supposed to spend 90 days in prison for each count but the terms are to run concurrently.

On Wednesday, April 14, Akuapem Poloo was convicted on her own plea but asked to go for a pregnancy test before judgement was given.

Defense lawyer

First offender given the chance to reform unlike a habitual offender

Pregnancy test came
Out negative

Second litigation factor is the guilty plea not wasted the precious time of the court plus remorse shown by convict

Her dressing outside and inside the court has changed she has pulled down any publications regarding this and has apologized to the public and her son

Status of convict, she is a young and budding actress praying that a custodial sentence will kill her career entirely and sole breadwinner of her family coming from a hard or difficult background

Custodial sentence would also inflict more punishment on the victim that’s her son she takes care of her son two nephews and others consider her charity work which was unknown to most of us

1st June 2018 donated a number of items to her alma mater suhum etc and the same year suhum Anglican’ church

In December she donated to osu maternity home she had adopted six classrooms in suhum her alma mater and paying for their school fees those students I could hear prayed for her this morning to avoid a custodial sentence have mercy and save her from a custodial sentence


She is known to be troublesome she is also a mother and a single parent and we also praying against custodial sentence

Kaizer Kenneth Azumah lawyer and officer of the court prayed that you temper justice with mercy

Another lawyer added his voice to the plea against custodial sentence mainly on the basis that she being a single parent I pray that the custodial sentence be replaced with a fine

Judge asked how old the son was and she replied that 7years

She could not hold back her tears while seated in the court room


Now that the accused person has pleaded guilty and is remorseful

In sentencing the court considers the intrinsic factors and the aggravating factors prevalence of the act in accra this court took into consideration the following mitigation factors

The fact that she has no brush with the law etc and a single mother plus the trauma the son could be going through

There is no doubt that apart from the canker of rape etc and engaging in domestic violence to wit her charges is on the ascendancy and it is imperative for law enforcer including the court

Section 2 of the children’s act said the best interest of the Child shall be paramount

Every Child has the right to life dignity etc

Did she consider the dignity of her son no it didn’t only affect the dignity of the son but morally corrupted the minds of those whose …

The court is of the opinion that it needs to look at the role played in this act she is suppose to protect the son but rather became the perpetrator of this act

The court is saddened by posting of nudity on social media and the sentence must be handed

Colossians 3: the wrong doer shall be paid

90 days imprisonments on the first count

90 days second count

90 days imprisonment on the 3rd count

Contrary to section 1 d 4

Sentencing To run concurrently

Akuapem poloo sentenced to 90 days imprisonments Credit: 3news

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