The football resumption plan put in place by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which is based on rigorous health screening and intense safety and security measures, have achieved the desired results.

A significant collaborative effort across the continent, as well as numerous online training courses have helped to prepare the ground for a safe resumption of our elite competitions in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The efforts have proven to be effective since all the 48 Total AFCON Cameroon 2021 qualifying matches scheduled over the past one week were played in optimal sanitary conditions.

Despite this immense success and with a view to maintaining a high level of match organization, CAF will study the reports with the aim of improving upon it.

This is to ensure that our future matches (Total CHAN Cameroon 2020, Interclub competitions 2020-2021 and the remaining qualifiers of the Total AFCON Cameroon 2021) will also benefit from it.

The protocol put in place by CAF is demanding, and this has been derived from what has been applied on our continent and in the whole world.

It is essential to ensure the safety of all concerned, on and off the field, during these difficult times when the pandemic remains a very present threat, with countries facing a second wave.

Football has regained its rights to be played in the stadiums, and it has been an incredible success to manage to play 100% of the matches planned,” declared CAF President, Mr. Ahmad Ahmad.

Four countries – Algeria, Senegal, Mali and Tunisia – have so far qualified for the Total AFCON Cameroon 2021. Some figures from the two matchdays:

• 48 matches were played and a total of 105 goals were scored.

• 4,146 COVID-19 tests were carried out, of which only 48 were positive, ie 30 players and 18 officials (less than 1% of those tested). Credit: CAF


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