The Ghana Football Association President, Kurt E. S. Okraku breaks the silence on Black Star Head Coach Charles Kwabla Akonnor not inviting local based players in the Senior National Team, Black Star.

“Nobody will build a national team without giving opportunities to players who play in Ghana. But the truth is that we have not played football in Ghana since March so you cannot base on that to select players.”

“In the goalkeeping department, we had to not necessarily consider every factor before making the call-ups. Because maybe you want to invite Kwame Baah but he’s not been active.” He told Hello FM in Kumasi.

He is one of the promotion players on the local front having played for the U20 and U23. Again, maybe you want to invite Richard Attah but he’s not been active.

We recently started our preseason which is still ongoing and, the coach will find it difficult to invite players who play within Ghana.

Razak Abalora had the opportunity because he wasn’t home for long after leaving Azam and having gone to Turkey he’s okay now to be considered again.

CK Akonnor and all the others coaching national teams will always give opportunities to players who play in Ghana especially when the player is top quality.

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