We are leaving in technology world, although sometimes we don’t actually know most of the functions of some of the gadget we hold. Do you know that, you can actually know what a particular person was doing on your phone at your absence. Sometimes we put our phone somewhere and our friends, girlfriend or anyone will take it with or without our consent and we won’t know what they are doing on the phone.

Let’s be sincere, there are times people use our phones for things we don’t actually know. They desist from letting us probably because they used it to spy on our WhatsApp, twitter messages, watched some videos or even delete some important personal stuffs.

I remember sometimes back when a friend of mine once collected my handset and deleted several pictures from it without me knowing. We all have right to our privacy. It could even be our sibling checking our phones.

Today I have some few simple trick that I believe you would cheerish. This is just ordinary code that you will need to dial on the phone and follow-up the prompts or instructions.

After deligently following this steps, It will automatically show all what the last phone handler has done the phone.

NB: This is not a scam code, it’s meant to be educative so that you wont be ignorant. I’m very certain that after you try this code, you would thank later

Step 1: Dial the following code on your mobile phone

Step 2: It will pop-out some few options for you then you pick the relevant option for you. For you to check what the person has done last or last app the the handler open on your phone, pick option for statistics.

Step 3: The Final step is this, here you will be able to see everything that the person has been doing on your phone.

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NB: This options works on all Android phones. Thanks God Bless you 🙏. Credit: Ghgossipers

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