Dear son be wise about women so that you might enjoy your days on earth.

1. Sometimes the heart of a woman can be so deep that you cannot even predict what is in her heart, so take it easy.

2. Sometimes a lady behaves as if she doesn’t love you. But deeply inside her heart she loves you, be cool some girls are like that.

3. Ladies are not the same. Some ladies express it when they love you, while some ladies pretend and they don’t express it when they love you. . They may not say it out with their mouth but through their actions, they express it.

4. A lady may not call you for several days; she may not support you financially; she may not tell you about herself; she may even be harsh on you, but deeply inside her heart she loves you very much. She is only being careful so that you won’t take her for granted.

5. Just try and understand your woman. All women are not the same.

6. Just keep showing her more love and keep convincing her that you love her, and when you tell her that you love her always mean what you say dont fake it.

7. Never you compare her to someone else any of your past girlfriends no matter what she is doing that you don’t like.

8. Your relationship should not only be marriage driven but care, love and concern driven don’t ever forget your history.

9. Don’t marry her because you saw her in church. Many are in church but not in touched with the holy spirit.

10. Don’t give any woman the totality of your heart before giving the totality of your heart to God. God first before any woman

11. Don’t get carried away by the beauty of any woman her inner beauty should be more important to you.

12. Love is never enough, understanding,compatibility wisdom, patience and tolerance are equally important.

13. Watch carefully when her negativities are more than the positive tis. It is better to withdraw your heart from such women if not you will not last long on earth.

14. Don’t demand trust from any woman earn it, build it or show it to her.

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