Black Queens skillful winger Sherifatu Sumaila has leaped to the defence of female athletes who suffer trolling from some men “for having firm bodies”, lacking flexibility, romance, agility and or soft skin, saying, they are the most understanding women with strong hearts, patience and all it takes to make a good wife for any man.

According to the Ghanaian international, female athletes are mostly mocked for having hard bodies which probably likens them to men, making them less in demand for men in terms of marriage, but insists that female athletes make the best wives due to their abilities to endure all kinds of hardships and emotional stress that come their way.

The Mallbackens IF wing star took to Twitter to defend herself and all women in sports, giving out various reasons why female athletes are the best women for men to consider for marriage.

“Female athletes are the best wives”, Sherifatu wrote on Twitter. “We are trolled for having firm bodies. We have strong hearts, can endure anything that comes our way, are patient and understanding”, she advocated.

The Feather River Community College (of Quincy, California) graduate went further to advise the public not to be “prejudiced” against female athletes but should love them as they are. To her, female athletes are strong women with a high sense of understanding, and possess the ability to withstand all challenges in life.

“Don’t be prejudiced against us. Love us for who we are. We are strong women”, she appealed.

Credit: GSP1

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