When you can break the touch barrier with a girl in a way that doesn’t come off worried or creepy she will feel more comfortable with you and you will have the opportunity to escalate your interaction with her into the possibility of a relationship.

Many guys feel shy when they want to touch their girlfriends. It is normal. But in this article I will show you some professional places you can touch at your girlfriend for the first time. Note that you can touch anywhere.

There are four different parts on a woman’s body that you can start to break the touch barrier.

1. Arm

Let’s say in a conversation with your girlfriend you would wish to touch her but it’s not easy to do it. Don’t worry. Just ask her an interesting question like “where should we go and have dinner tonight”. She will be very interested. At that point study her moves. Immediately she replies then you also reply like “really” and by doing so touch the arm.

You can only touch her own arm from her shoulder to her elbow. That is the professional place to touch for the first time. You will be able to touch her when saying something in a conversation. Note to use the back of your hand to do that touch.

2. Grabbing her shoulder

When I say grab, not just like doing it in a cruel way but do it gently. You can also do this in the course of conversation. For instance you ask her “don’t you think we should focus on our future”, she would react in a way of misunderstanding if she really loves you.

Then you gently touch her shoulder and be like “listen to me everything will be ok. I was just joking”, in a teasing way. She will not notice that but you the guy only know that you have break the touch barrier. In this touch you can only do it for only 2 to 3 seconds.

3. Stomach

This would be very difficult for many guys especially the shy ones. But it is simple if you practice the perfect way of doing it. You can grab the stomach of your girlfriend not in a cruel way, that would be rude. You can only do that with the back of your hand. The trick in this also can happen during a conversation. In the course of talking to her, then you intentionally pretend as if you stumbled and jerk towards her.

Don’t go so fast. In the course of that, then you gently touch her stomach with the back of your hand. Or just in a kind of stepping forward and unintentionally you just touch her stomach. You should get closer to her if you want to do that.

4. Hand touch

This is also a difficult task for some guys. They feel very uneasy to hold their girlfriends hands, because they do not know the professional way of doing that. You can do this when you pretend as if you want to show her something.

And this can happen in the middle of a conversation or the end of it. You don’t have to say “give me your hand” but rather “come with me I’ve got something to show you”. Just grab her gently and go with her.

These are the four point of touch for the first time if you wish to touch your girlfriend. When you are able to do all of this touching her any moment onwards would be very easy for you. After all she’s yours so why the shyness in touching her?

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