The Ghana Football Association (GFA) through the Eastern Regional Football Association (ERFA) would like to forewarn its members on joining a group called Eastern Regional Football Clubs Association (ERFCA) aligning itself with the football body in Ghana.

In a letter addressed to clubs and members of the association on the above subject, informs members on the statute’s statement on the club’s involvement with third-party groups that are not recognized by GFA.

Although the statutes do not approve of such association, the said Association on Thursday, August 6, 2020, addressed the ERFA Chairman demanding for the clarification on the information concerning the FIFA Covid-19 relief funds allocated to the Eastern RFA and how the disbursement will favour the said Association on behalf of its members.

In this regard, the GFA exercised its regulations in accordance with Article 16.1. (g), 16.1. (j), 16(3), 20(1) and 20(3) of the GFA Statutes and any other law as far as this matter is a concern.

Consequently, GFA hereby warns Members about joining or having any relationship with Eastern Region Football Club Association (ERFCA) or any other group or association which is not affiliated to nor recognized by the Ghana Football Association.


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