The Ghana Football Association has made a 360° Turn on its directive to have new clubs registering into the district Football Associations pay a whopping ₵10,000.

A fresh letter addressed to the RFA has drastically reduced the cost of registering new clubs as directed by the FA.

Newly registering Division three clubs are now to pay 5,000 Ghana Cedis, instead of the earlier directive of 10,000 Ghana cedis. Juvenile clubs will not have an 80% cut in the earlier cost for registration to a new cost of 1,000 Ghana Cedis.

A Ghana FA letter read ‘Upon consultations with the Chairmen of Regional Football Associations, the Executive Council has amended the directives as follows:
“That Admission Fee for admission of a new club shall be GHC5,0000 for a Division Three League club and
GHC 1,000 for a Juvenile Football League club”.

“Disbursement of the AdnAdmission Fee shall be as follows:
60% to the District Football Association, 30% to the Regional Football Association and 10% to the Ghana Football Association”.

It would be recalled that the Ghana FA imposed a strict registration ban on division two clubs, and insisted on district Footbal Associations to have specific registration requirements for new clubs.

The directive was met with opposition from the Juvenile and district Footbal Associations who insisting in having the cost of registration reduced. Credit:442

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