The relationship is very essential in life. However, this is something that is expressed in different ways depending on the gender of that particular person. The same way men have their own ways of expressing love and compassion, ladies also have it. The two are very distinguished due to the mode of conduct between them. For a man, once he feels like he needs a certain lady he will probably just approach her and defend his feelings openly. However, this never happens on the lady’s side. In fact, no man will ever allow a lady to dare approach him since it sounds like abuse and dehumanization. So, she will always depict the following signs to show what she feels.

1. Always forcing to be present wherever place you move. This acts as a calculated move so that you can easily recognize her interest in you.

2. Always flirting and doing nice things to you so that you can admire her. She will even turn to be dramatic and do what your eyes won’t believe.

3. Calling you nice titles yet you might have even never tried the same with her.

4. Always ready to pay your bills and a God bless you. No one wastes her money easily on such thing and thus if you notice it do something.

5. Always smiling back when your eyes coincidentally could looking at each other.

6. When she keeps texting you until it’s late and throughout the day. It means she can’t relax because of you.

7. For some who are courageous, she will press an eye while looking at you. So, you need to be observant.

8. When she keeps inquiring if she can visit you at your place.

9. Most of the girls will like it maintaining physical contact with you even if it means holding your hand.

10. When she starts buying you private things to show that she is already snatching your soul from someone else.

11. At campus and other schools, she will wait for you at the door after a lecture so that she can greet you.

12. When she tells you her most private stories and things that should be kept private.

13. Appears to be so caring about you. This happens especially when you are in bad mood.

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