Today we bring to you an article on the ten(10) signals girls give to tell you that they like you.

Here are the ten (10) signals:

(1) Smiles

When a woman or a girl likes or better still loves a man , she will always smile whenever she sees the man.

(2) Greetings

When a girl begins to greet you all the time, it is a signal that she is interested in you.

(3) She Gets Angry At You

Another sign is if she gets angry at you at every slightest mistake, as she want to protect you, because of her love for you. It is another indication.

(4) She Walks Past You

When a woman displays the habit of always walking past you, know that she is interested in you.

(5) She Gets Jealous

A girl that is in love with a man or a guy will always be jealous, and sometimes she would make it obvious.

(6) She Defends Your Name

She will also defend your name, even in your absence because she loves you.

(7) She Laughs At Your Lame Jokes

She will always laugh at every joke you bring up, when a girl does that , know that she is in love with you.

(8) She Guides Her Hair Backwards

Another sign is that she will try to guide her hair backwards when she sees you, it is another indication.

(9) She Behaves Well In Your Presence

She behaves well in your presence if she is in love with you.

(10) She Offers You Gifts

If a girl or a woman offers you gift know that she like you, as that is a clear indication.

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