We all have an intrinsic capacity to enhance and gain spiritual guidance from our intuition. The first step is simply to be conscious of getting a gift. The more you accept the awareness that you are already getting direction, the better your messages will become and more identifiable. Note if the following sensations have been encountered and take these fast steps to enable them to emerge in more strong, constructive, and successful ways. It is said that people with spiritual gifts have spiritual ‘gifts’ that make them different from other people. Although, a lot of these individuals are unaware of these gifts of the spirit, so here are some ways to find out whether or not you have them. Signs that you might be a spiritually gifted person

1. You Have Sleep Problems Between 3 AM and 4 AM

The time between 3 am and 4 am is said to be the time of the day when the supernatural powers are at their strongest. In other words, during this hour, all those crazy things happen, that is, if you believe them. So if you can’t sleep well or continue to wake up at this time, it might mean that you have some gift of the soul. Do not worry if that’s up to you. “Instead, tame or raise your” forces “with the aid of meditation or prayer.

2. You have visions—and they often come true.

This may be a premonition, a sensation that you get when talking to someone, or just a random picture that at any given moment pops into your mind. Let’s say you’re pulling out of the driveway, for instance, and all of a sudden you feel awkward as a picture of an accident pops into your mind. Using a different path than usual or waiting until you feel secure to take the drive to work may be a smart idea. Better safe than sorry, as premonitions can be a means of communication designed to protect you from harm and to keep you safe. Note if you still have any emotional connection to your dreams. This is an easy way of seeing if the thinking is more than meets the eye.

3. Your Emotions Affect Your Surroundings

Those with spiritual gifts are reported to be able to have feelings that impact their physical world. Some people say dogs start barking and cats start searching for no cause when they sense the strong emotions of these people. Others claim that plants can also sense the thoughts and energies of people who are spiritually inclined, so that they can either flourish or get close to that person sick. Some people say the feelings of people with soul gifts can become so strong that they can trigger machines to stop functioning or break things.

4. Strangers in Need Often Approach You

There are usually ‘wacky’ individuals who require physical , mental , emotional or spiritual healing. Others could think they’re insane, but they are far from that. They are genuinely enlightened, but they just can’t see it, and they need someone to guide them and help them. Their subconsciousness brings them to people with greater spiritual skills that can help them understand things better.

5. You Can Easily Sense Negative Energy in a Room

You can sense even the smallest amount of negative energy the moment you enter a room, which means you have a highly sensitive radar. You know something bad has happened before you even get there. All you have to do is look at people’s eyes, and you know their feelings and thoughts. You have this opportunity with your skills and experience to recognize and support a person in need, as well as stay away from when you get drained of skills. You will also, however, feel positive energy more than anyone else..

6. Nature Calls You

You don’t know how, but nature keeps calling you. It’s like you’re one with nature and you want to spend as much time as you can there. Only because you want to walk barefoot on the grass and feel the rain on your hands, you want to feel it. This is because your spiritual gift and nature have a connection.

7. You Have Weird Dreams with Hidden Messages

It is believed that spiritually gifted people dream a lot, and never forget any dream. They see insane stuff sometimes and try to find some explanation. They generally find it to be the most interesting thing. So, if you have dreams that you can’t grasp and try to find meaning in them, it can be a sign that your soul has a gift.

If you notice these characteristics, pray for yourself, fast, and then stay away from sin. It will help to deepen your relationship with God and open your spiritual curtain to clear vision as well.

8. Experience Random Emotions

You may have sensations and emotional outbursts that are not yours. It can be someone else’s sensations channeling through you. It may sound a bit farfetched, but it happens all the time. A story stated that a woman was driving on I-10 in Florida and was about to pass a semi-truck. Every time she got close to the truck, she felt scared, even terrified. She was so anxious that she felt as if they would shoot her.

She knew that she was spiritually gifted. But she wasn’t sure if the spirit was trying to warn her about danger or she was channeling the energy of others. She quickly learned she was an empath. The experience was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She found out later that her brother’s wife had been kidnapped and was held at gunpoint in Los Angeles. She knew that the emotions she was feeling were that of her sister-in-law. Her sixth sense allowed her to feel these sensations to pray for her family.

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