How social media reacted after video of MPs praying surfaced
MPs praying

Some social media users have reacted to the video involving some Ghanaian members of Parliament praying against the spirit of homosexuality in the country.

The MPs met yesterday to pass a bill that would criminalize the activities of the LGBTQ and LGBTQ+ which is gradually finding its way into the country.

In the video that went viral, the MPs could be seen standing and sitting while they pray fervently.

Following the video, netizens reacted to the video asking what would they gain by offering prayers while there are other pressing issues to be solved.

According to them, what the country needs to do is to act and doing the right thing and not offer prayers and sit without doing anything.

Read some comments below:

dewastypromise: “Nonsense people”

michaelappiahboateng: “Jokers”

Dezmond: “CONCERT: someone should tag Kennedy Agyapong, am sure he was absent”

Adongo Justice Naj: “Eye Twene Jonas TV come see your people”

Esibay Ebiswodei Amoo: “Great: May they have the COURAGE and SAME ENERGY to pray against the perennial flooding bedeviling the nation, corruption, looting, kickbacks ni all the rot in Ama Ghana: the man up there rates SISN equally and HE is NOT nhwehw3enimu like us”

Nii Odoi Adjei: “Start working, we didn’t vote for you to go and pray, it it was prayer, we would have sent pastors and men of God there, China didn’t tackle corruption with prayers, they did with strict laws, No where in the world did any state achieve anything through prayer without action, God has given you the brains to think and do what’s right”. Source:Ghpage

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