Former Board Member of the Continental Masters, Alhaji Fawaz has expressed his dissatisfaction of the current state of Accra Hearts of Oak as celebrating it’s 109th birthday today.

We celebrate our 109th birthday today, and I can tell you straight forward that, am highly disappointed and very sad of how current board is running the oldest club in the country.

The biggest challenge for Phobia was to achieve results and it’s unfortunate. Currently, things are not going on well at all in the club to achieve results because the big challenges not solved for the future generations.

Administratively, the club is down which there should be a long term and a short term policy for the club. The people in charge of administration are not performing well and they haven’t achieve anything for 2004/05 CAF Confideration Cup winners. He told Hot Fm.

Our days we were united working for the club. We even sleep together with the players and also do everything together which it was a collective effort during our time as board members brought to success.

Hearts of oak secretariat looks like a widow, where is the “Never Say Die” spirit. Accra Hearts of Oak is a football club not a company not needs to win trophies.

Alhaji Fawaz call on board chairman to bring some old board members who are willing to volunteer to join the new board members to sit down and think about the way future of the club because hearts of oak need to have a policy document.

I believe Togbe Afede XIV isdoing his best as board chairman to uplift Phobia club but he has to watch the people surrounding him. For him to know those who are performing well and those who are not performing, he needs new faces around the club.

Am ever ready to come and help the club when ever am invited by the board.

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