Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Barima Sydney, has declared that he is ready and available to campaign for any political party that needs his service as a musician.

He stated during a phone interview with host, Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Saturday morning entertainment program ‘Showbiz Xtra’. that in the world of creativity, there is no discrimination, hence he will not refuse any party that calls for his musical talent to push their campaign.

“In the world of creativity, there is no discrimination or else if people enter barbershops, they would ask if the barber belongs to NPP or NDC before allowing them to trim their hairs so if any party approaches me, so long as I know how to do what they want me to do, I will do it”, he said.

According to Barima Sydney, even though he campaigned for the New Patriotic Party in 2016 and openly endorsed the party, he is a musician and not a politician, thus his openness to campaign for other parties.

He also noted that his decision to endorse the NPP was due to their promise to introduce free SHS among others which he thought was a good thing. This is to say that he will endorse any party based on how well he believes and trusts that their promises are good for the nation.

Barima Sydney, in 2016, made a remix of the NDC’s most popular campaign song at the time. His remix was in support of the NPP and was released the exact day the President Nana Addo was declared the winner.

The song became very popular all across Ghana, however, he stands that he did not make any income from it. Credit: Happy 98.9FM

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