Bosomtwe based club Jachie Youth FC will host their community counterparts Vasco FC in a peaceful friendly game this weekend.

The game is slated for Sunday, November 29,2020 at the Jachie Sakasaka Anglican School Park. 

This games will serve as preaching peace to Communities, Towns, Cities and Citizens of Ghana ahead of December 7, general election. 

According to the President of Jachie Youth FC, Mr. Francis Pinamang, the games will strengthen an already existing relationship between the two clubs and promote peace, Bosomtwe Constituency and election Free in Ghana’s general election.

We are gradually coming out of Covid-19 and its good news for the country.

As we are approaching election and we have nowhere to go, it’s better to maintain the peace we have already and protect our mother county. We have no place to move to if we destroy our nation with war. Let’s maintain the peace for our next future generations. Together we stand, divided we fall”. He concluded

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