Deloitte is implementing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) West Africa Energy Program (WAEP) and is seeking an experienced, full-time Communications Manager based in Accra, Ghana to lead all WAEP’s communications activities and ensure compliance with client and Power Africa communications policies

Program Objective

The USAID-funded Power Africa West Africa Energy Program (WAEP or the Program), works to expand supply of and access to affordable and reliable grid-connected electricity services in West Africa through a range of technical assistance, capacity building, and transactional support to advance Power Africa’s objective in the West Africa region.

WAEP will implement targeted interventions to achieve the following four Outcomes:

• Increase the supply of power in West Africa;
• Enable expanded end-user connection to the grid;
• Improve the technical and institutional capacity and performance of select national utilities, and other relevant national power sector entities; and
• Accelerate the establishment of a high functioning regional power market.

Position Description

As directed by the Deputy Chief of Party or PMO Lead, the Employee shall perform, oversee, and support the performance of the following specific tasks:

• Assist in sponsoring program’s goals through participating in the overall development and execution of WAEP strategy;
• Support creation and execution of all Work Plan activities and Program Outcomes;
• Communicate with a team of long-term and short-term consultants and subcontractors working under Program Outcomes;
• Lead creation and implementation of USAID WAEP Communications Strategy, which will include the following tasks:
o Manage and coordinate the day to day activities of the Communications Team (Communications Specialist and Quality Assurance & Communications Consultant);
o Develop a set of templates, guidelines and protocols for communication and coordination with counterpart organizations (governments, utilities, regulatory agencies, financial institutions and companies benefitting from WAEP activities) as well as between international donor organizations;
o Lead the review and edit of all major deliverables in various publication forms for readability, spelling, grammar, accuracy, punctuation, consistency, and logic;
o Interface with USAID/Ghana, USAID/West Africa, and other USAID regional mission communication staffs to ensure all communications and published materials meet USAID and USG standards;
o Work with beneficiaries and donor organizations to expand audience of Program deliverables; o Create marketing and event materials for USAID WAEP events, trainings, and public appearances;
• Oversee the Communications Specialist to:
o Support in the drafting and development of all content for internal and external communications including virtual spaces;
o Develop and oversee the communications calendar to ensure timely execution of the program;
o Assist in increasing WAEP social media presence by creating and sending content to USAID and Power Africa for publication on their social media sites;
o Develop and update event calendar, and support in the execution of events across the region:
o Develop and consolidate strong media ties to confirm widespread outreach to public and business partners across the region;
o Promote the Power Africa / USAID brand as an exceptional care provider in media and print;
o Develop content for print, virtual, and broadcast media;
o Produce and manage materials for social networking websites on behalf of WAEP;
o Support all creative inputs on company’s communications and publications;
o Host the WAEP LinkedIn page and update content regularly;
o Assist with taking meeting minutes, and transcribing meeting notes and handwritten notes from hard copy into electronic format;
• Oversee the Quality Assurance and Communications Consultant to:
o Ensure quality client contractual and reporting deliverables by reviewing Program deliverables
o to ensure messaging and reporting are clearly conveyed and reflect client sensitivities;
o Lead the review, editing, and branding of all major contractual and technical deliverables in various publication forms for readability, spelling, grammar, accuracy, punctuation, consistency, and logic;
o Support implementation of the Communications Strategy;
• Work together with the Travel and Events Specialist to ensure that events and trainings are properly publicized, well-attended, exhibit appropriate and USAID-compliant marketing materials, and that schedules are coordinated to reduce scheduling conflicts; and
• Respond to direct requests from the COP, DCOP, PMO Lead, Technical Leads or Finance Manager, for ad-hoc assistance on a limited basis for tasks relevant to the position’s skill-set but outside of the positions specific tasks and responsibilities, so long as such requests do not interfere with direct responsibilities of the position.

Qualification Required & Experience

• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, media studies and any other related field, a Master’s degree will be an added advantage;
• At least 8 years of professional work experience in communications or a related field of work;
• Knowledge of cultural and communication norms and expectations in most West African countries;
• Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite or similar graphic design software will be an added advantage;
• Ability to quickly spot a “success story” to profile and individual or organization positively;
• Report writing abilities, knowledge of USAID requirements will be an added advantage;
• Exposure to and understanding of energy-related technical terminology preferred;
• Experience working with sub-contractors / partners / grantees in communication related matters;
• Proactive individual with a positive attitude willing to work in team settings; and
• French language skills preferred.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested applicants should submit the following materials to:

• Resume or CV
• Cover letter describing your key qualifications for the position

Closing Date: 14 September, 2020

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