One force we Christians are mostly against is the destroyer, the devil, the Satan or the old serpent. We associate all kinds of disasters and evil consciences to him. Indeed all bad things comes from him. There is no argument about this that the devil brings all bad things in this world.

The Bible even said this world is ruled by the devil also known as the Satan. He is controlling the world now. That’s why the Angels said Earth is in danger when the devil was thrown down into us. He is a deceiver and he always comes to destroy.

Some people think selling your soul to the devil is only about having an agreement with him, and he in turn makes you rich. No. There are many people whose souls are no longer theirs because of one thing or two they did. They are now in the hands of the devil and there is no peace in the hands of the destroyer. Except the Lord delivers you.

Below are some of the things people do to sell their souls to the devil without knowing.

1. Bearing false witness

This kind of sin is as treacherous as murder. When you intentionally say something bad about an innocent person which eventually lands that person into trouble, then my friend you are in the devil’s hands. Do you know that you kill a soul when you bear a false witness? How wicked are you to bear false witness against an innocent person especially men of God.

The Bible said the devil is the father of all lies. Bearing false witness is also part of lying. When you do this, the devil finds a way to always work with you and that’s it, you now become his.

2. Killing

Only the Lord has the power and authority to take the life he has given you from you. Apart from him, only the devil can do that because God did not create humans to be killing themselves. It is the devil who finds and tricks others to attack their brothers, sisters and even friends to the extent of killing them.

Immediately you finish, you regret but it too late for you. You have listened to the voice of the devil and so you are now his servant.

3. Masturbation, Watching Pornography

Many of the youths today are brought so low by the devil using this evil thing. Whenever you watch pornography, you get closer to a demon. There is a demon that controls all these things. That’s why when you want to stop you can’t. There is a power controlling you now and it’s only the Lord that can deliver you from such power.

Whenever you masturbate, you are getting yourself a partner in the demonic kingdom. So when you do this, you sleep with those demons. Imagine sleeping with a demon, you are also a demon.

May the Lord help us all to abstain from all these acts. Those who are into it and find it difficult to stop, may the Lord locate you wherever you are and deliver you in Jesus name.

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