Over the weekend, the National Executives of *NABTAG* had a meeting to assess the prospects leading to the readiness of NABCO beneficiaries to safeguard their future through the scheme ahead of the December election. 

With a closer examination of how the NABCO scheme has enrolled One Hundred Thousand (100,000) graduates, trained and created a means of exit into permanency through the different pathway options, *NABTAG* finds it extremely worthy a cause to place a clarion call for Ghanaians to retain the Office of the President. 
The future of the youth matters, and job provision being a social security for every citizen, the onus is on the citizenry to decide on who qualifies, after examining their policies and programs, to lead the nation in the right path. 
Regarding graduate youth and unemployment, we have witnessed the degree of displeasure mounted on the youth over the years. It took a visionary leader in the person of the president, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to establish a scheme to train and prepare the graduate youth for jobs. Truly, the NABCO initiative has been a ‘savior’ of the many young people of Ghana, who for so many years, have been deprived of their social needs.
Throughout the various channels created by *NABTAG* to help place in some checks on trainees’ responses with time, it’s heart warming to note that they have all indicated their strong support for the current administration to keep up with its good works.
The National Executives had a firm consensus to have some sort of quick analysis and snapshot of the journey thus far as beneficiaries’ transition into permanency meets the December polls. 
During the review meeting, all the National Executives Council (NEC) Members presented how their respective jurisdictions have come to terms with trainees’ gratitude to the Akufo-Addo led government for changing their situation. 
The National President, Dennis Opoku Katakyie, stated that _”If only the people of Ghana could base their judgment on the objective records of realistic leadership in determining which presidential candidate deserves to win in the upcoming elections, i don’t know what motivation would cause people not to vote for the NPP”_
 “`Note: As part of the other agenda for the meeting, NABTAG has resolved to appreciating the CEO, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars, Regional and District Coordinators for their unwavering commitment to managing the affairs of the scheme since its inception. NABTAG shall soon come out with a plan on the approach not many days hence.“` 
In conjunction with all the other 
initiatives established to match the youth to job security, beneficiaries across-the-board are prepared only to #VoteLeadershipOfService.
NABCO, I am a nation builder !NABCO, I am a nation builder !!NABCO we are nation builders !!!

Signed:Akwasi Botchway,National Communication Team Lead

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