Hi Darling,

I might not be the most handsome guy in the universe, The most caring on earth, The most loving in life or the richest in the world. I don’t club neither do I attend night parties, I don’t live in a mansion yet but I’ll build plenty. I don’t smoke neither do I wrap weed. I may not be crazy as snapping with you and posting it online for the world to see but you’ll be my treasure of inestimable value.

Trust me dear I will make good dishes for you, you wouldn’t have to be alone in the kitchen all the time, We’ll cook together, we will fast together, pray together, worship God together with the piano in the house.

I promise you won’t have a boring Christian Journey neither would your intimacy with the Holy Spirit drop, I’ll help you attain the peak of your career so you can be a boss of your own. I’ll work hard so I can give you the kind of life you ever dream of. Traveling abroad won’t be a prayer point because it will become your lifestyle.

We will have more than enough. We’ll have beautiful children and raise them up in the ways of the Lord. I’ll grow old with you and we’ll leave this world same day, appear in Heaven together and only then you would realize that you’ve got the best Husband on earth. I love you dear! I may not be able to know you now or tell who you are or where you are but in case you happen to see this just know I love you and I can’t wait to see you my diamond!

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