Do you sometimes see yourself flying in your dreams? Does that also really scare you when it happens? Is it healthy to have such a dream?

Seeing yourself flying in your dreams is different from falling from a building in your dreams. You might at one time or point had to experience a sort of a dream when you saw yourself flying,

maybe you saw yourself in a kind of a race and you instantly went up the life you are Flying in your dreams means so many things.

It could mean you are either running from a problem, becoming victorious over a battle, or having some form of health issues. Yes, all these are some factors to consider when this happens.

Although, the most important side about it is the spiritual meaning of seeing yourself flying in your dreams.

Well, when you are having sleep troubles or some sort of fever you could see yourself flying in your dreams. This is as a result of the fever you are currently experiencing.

However, when you have issues and you want freedom from it or you have settled it, you could also experience such a dream whereby you see yourself flying.

This is a sign that the weight and burden have been lifted off you. Spiritually, this also means that you have won a battle or overcome an obstacle.

For example, you saw yourself running from someone and suddenly you went up, like flying and you can see people below you. This means you have overcome a fight,

struggle and you have won over principalities and power of the evil one. I’ m not saying you had to change to an animal or something in flying. That’ s one that would be evil.

I’ m referring to you flying with your whole being. This shows you are victorious and nothing can stop you as you journey along. God is awesome and he has given you victory.

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