Winning a lady’s heart is the hardest thing one can think of in this world so far as relationship is concerned.

But, we at have taken time to take you through the process of winning your dream lady’s heart.

So, here are 6 ways you can win a lady’s heart.

1) Approach. Your appearance and how you will approach a lady for the first time leaves a mark on the lady’s mind, and that will determine if she should keep you as a friend or walk away. So guys, check your appearance and how you approach ladies. Interestingly, there is no formula as to how or what to say to a lady for the first time, but just be nice and be yourself.

2) Communication. This is the main key in every relationship. After she has accepted you as a friend, you should let the communication flow. It can be through call or through social media. The more you chat or speak to a lady, the more she becomes cool and comfortable whenever you are with her, or speaking or chatting with her. The most important thing here is that, always suggest, and do not sound like you are controlling her whenever you’re speaking or chatting with her. It puts a lot of ladies off when you sound like you are controlling them. Learn how to suggest, and do not sound like you are controlling her.

3) Be real. Do not hide anything from a lady whose heart you want to win. Let her know you inside out. Ladies feel comfortable, and in the end fall for any guy who is real. In fact, ladies love to spend the rest of their lives with guys who are real and bold to criticise them, and for that matter coach them to do the right thing at the right time.

4) Must be jovial. This is the most vital point when it comes to winning a lady’s heart. They love guys who make them laugh out loud, and forget their sorrows and problems whenever they are with them. They fall for guys with high sense of humour. That is why there is this saying that, “ladies love stupid guys”; not as in guys who are stupid and aimless, but rather they love guys who are funny, jovial and those that can make them happy in life. So guys, if you don’t know how to create jokes and make ladies happy at all times, start learning.

5) Fulfillment of promises. A lady once told me that she is cool without promises. Because, when you promise her, then you must definitely fulfill it. So, it shows that most ladies do not want to hear promises; once you promise to do something for a lady, you must fulfill that promise. When you fail to fulfill the promise, the lady will hate you forever. Indeed, when it comes to promising, ladies hate them and don’t want to hear them at all.

6) Gifts. Try and be nice, ladies love to see new things everyday. Try and buy gifts for your lady. The good thing here is that, they don’t always expect expensive gifts from you. In fact, they are satisfied with the little gift you will give them.

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