Legendary Ghanaian Rapper Okyeame Kwame is asking mankind if religion is good.

The rap doctor took to Facebook and this is what he wrote, have a read.

“In 2006, an English biologist called Richard Dawkins in his book the God Illusion suggested that religion is not intellectual and but delusional, and therefore should be removed entirely from public culture.

For most of history, religion has been a central focus of many civilizations. In 25thcenturyBC, KMT introduced monotheism and the Sun God Ra; in 4000BC, Australians introduced the Yangana serpent God that they believed created everything; in 400BC, Indian Buddhists taught that people should expect hardships and detach from immediate circumstances and the spasms of the monkey mind; 2000 years ago, Christianity and many other religious ideas were born to bring societies closer to God.

The human mind is designed to wander through imagination in order to find its purpose. In that journey, the questions of where we came from, why we are here and where we go from here baffled man so much that man looked for a superior being who will be responsible for everything that exists. That superior being would have ready-made answers for those who believed . Man invented religion to institutionalize his rituals, routines and control. Man told soothing stories to mitigate the harsh realities of life , death and natural disasters . Religion gave hope where there were no answers .

Religion, in my definition, is the way a group of people in a socio-cultural space govern their society with the authority of a deity or God. Spirituality on the other hand is the process of knowing and understanding one’s self at the energetic dimension and sharing the love of this knowledge to the rest of nature and the universe.

Religion prescribes dos and donts. Spirituality says use your conscience. Religion looks outside for answers but spirituality looks inside for meaning. Religion enforces beliefs but spirituality encourages knowing. Religion evolves slowly but spirituality adapt quickly. Religion is attached to time and culture while spirituality connected to the universe . Religion looks out for a medium or savior but spirituality says save yourself and all nature . Religion is taught, spirituality in-borne.

With religion, people do what they are told based on whether it’s right or wrong; with spirituality, people do what is right whether they are told or not.

Even though I believe religion is divisive and causes psychological fear, I think religion must be praised for moderating egoistic impulses and urging the powerful to think of the defenseless . religion has done well in history By protecting African girls from unwanted pregnancies, protected nature from degradation, scared people from rampage, settled many minds from depression and anxiety.

However, it has caused wars, killed innocent people, separated Africans from their culture and confused people about living to their full potential. Today, religion gives no room for teaching about evolution,questioning and experimenting, which is why many of its loudest voices constantly crash with science.

My Questions:

  1. Has religion done more good or harm to mankind?
  2. Do you think religion is still important?
  3. Do you think people confusing religion with spirituality is intentional or out of ignorance?

Sunday Reflections: Is Religion Good for Mankind?In 2006, an English biologist called Richard Dawkins in his book the…

Gepostet von Okyeame Kwame am Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2020

I hope by now you have answers to the questions okyeame Kwame is asking.

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