10. Zambia

Zambian men are attractive and handsome. They are actually good looking. The have made it to the top 10 because they are fashionable.

9. Ethiopia

Ethiopian men could not miss in the list. They are hot as well as their women.

8. Somali

Somali men are not holding back at all because they are also doing well in the fashion industry.

7. Angola

Most men from Angola are light skin. Women who love light skin men, are actually driven crazy.

6. Ghana

Most Ghanaian men are musculine and tall. This attracts most women. They are also fashionable.

5. Morocco

Men from Morocco could not miss in the list. They are driving women crazy in the Northern part of Africa with how they look.

4. Kenya

Kenyan men are doing great in the fashion industry, representing the nation and it’s people.

3. South Africa

You should not be astonished to see South African men making to the top 3 in the list. They are attractive and fashionable.

2. Rwanda

Rwandan men have been capturing ladies attention in the fashion world. Their style and looks could not be unnoticed.

1. Nigeria

Nigerian men are leading in the list because of their sense of fashion and style. Credit: Wisdomnews

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