1. Love her. Love is a commitment not a feeling

2. Listen to her. She doesn’t always need your feedback, sometimes she just wants to vent.

3. Don’t just try and be the leader, work together.

4. Give her the things she desires.

5. Tell her she is beautiful.

6. Sometimes hanging out with the boys can wait, spend plenty of time with her.

7. She is different from you, celebrate her differences.

8. Respect her ideas and opinions.

9. Sometimes its OK to say no or disagree, just don’t get too mad and say things you don’t mean.

10. Clean up a bit.

11. Value her hobbies.

12. When she says “leave me alone” she sometimes means don’t leave me, hug me”.

13. Sometimes the answer is 7 and other days its purple.

14. Duck and weave.

15. Always be with her for the long term if not life term. Ladies can tell the difference between a player and a gentleman and if she doesn’t at first she will make you pay for finding out who you really are later.

16. She’s the boss except when she wont let you be the boss.

17. Talk to her about everything. Transparency is the key. No secrets.

18. Kisses everyday.

19. Don’t just show love in the bedroom, show it everywhere you go.

20. Have goals for your life. Bas boys with no future are cool until the future comes knocking.

21. Remind her that she is strong but protect her all the same.

22. You don’t have to guard her from every storm, but you should hold her every time one comes.

23. Love is an action word.

24. Wash your face and brush your teeth.

25. Take showers, rugged can still be clean.

26. Cherish the gifts she gives you.

27. Make her a sand which from time to time.

28. Stay healthy for her so she doesn’t have to worry.

29. Understand that she doesn’t perceive everything the way you do so don’t correct her all the time.

30. Get things done before she ask.

31. Put space between you and female friends until she is ready to have them around.

32. Build her trust everyday with small actions.

33. Take it slow even if she wants to move fast, she and you will appreciate it, but not too slow or it will make her disinterested.

34. Compliment her daily.

35. Allow her to chase her dreams and if she has none help her find them.

36. Keep things fresh, you may like pizza and Netflix every Friday but sometimes its nice to take her out, dress up and eat a steak.

37. Your needs and her needs are different, learn hers and she will learn yours.

38. Be Patient.

39. Work out together.

40. Eat together.

41. Find a mutual hobby.

42. Be corny with her from time to time Loosen up with her and the fun will never end.

43. Admit when you are wrong and make it better.

44. Actions speak louder than words.

45. Strive to be better everyday. This will help her to see you care about the relationship.

46. Introduce her to your friends. If she doesn’t fit in make adjustments until everyone is on the same page.

47. Breakfast in bed never fails.

48. Treat her like a queen everyday.

49. Never leave her side unless she ask you to.

50. Propose to her and mean it. Every time you promise something, do it. If you aren’t going to do something, don’t promise it.

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